Stone County Churches

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Amanda Chapel 305347N, 0890027W
Big Level Church 305007N, 0890231W
Biloxi Creek Church 304402N, 0891507W
Calvary Faithway Missionary Church 304840N, 0890228W
Church of Christ 305131N, 0891019W
Green Valley Church 304915N, 0890816W
John Willis Chapel 305042N, 0890421W
Liberty Hill Church 304856N, 0890635W
Little Creek Church 304349N, 0885515W
Morning Star Church 305035N, 0890444W
Mount Avery Church 304705N, 0890900W
New Zion Church 305159N, 0891052W
New Zion Church (2) 304858N, 0885438W
Paramount Missionary Church 304944N, 0885954W
Red Creek Church 305011N, 0891541W
Sanctified Church 305137N, 0891031W
Sunflower Church 304434N, 0890538W
Sweet Beulah Church 304735N, 0891202W
Ten Mile Church 304906N, 0890703W
Tuxechena Church 304211N, 0890358W