Stone County Cemeteries

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Alexander Cemetery Alexander Cemetery Road off Hwy 26E. 305052N, 0885539W
Bo Williams Cemetery US 49 in Wiggins. 305233N, 0890949W
Bond Cemetery Clark Batson Road near Lazy S Farm Road. 304613N, 0891433W
Bond Cemetery #2 Haten Cemetery Road near Melton Hatten Road. 305229N, 0890038W
Bond Cemetery #3 North of Wiggins on Sellers Street about 1/2 mi north of Pump Branch Road. 305411N, 0890950W
Bond Cemetery #4 305326N, 0890944W
Bounds / Thomas Cemetery Harralson Road near Forrest County. 305430N, 0891856W
Broadus Cemetery South end of Broadus Road. 304119N, 0885952W
Brown Cemetery On the west side of Ridge Road just south of intersection with Old Highway 26. 304605N, 0891813W
Cooper Cemetery On J. Cooper Road. 305328N, 0885602W
Dale Cemetery On Thomas Price Cemetery Road off Old Hwy 26. 305005N, 0891228W
Davis Cemetery End of Ollie Reeves Road. 304557N, 0890924W
Davis Cemetery #2 Davis Cemetery Road off Magnolia Road. 304843N, 0891640W
Fairley Cemetery Hardy Fairley Road at Major Road. 305416N, 0890047W
Fairley Cemetery #2 End of C. Newton Road off Texas Chapel Road. 305302N, 0891608W
Green Valley Cemetery  In Wiggins on Wallace Cobb Road. 304908N, 0890825W
Herrington Cemetery  Old MS 26 at Lawrence Road. 305017N, 0891352W
Hester Cemetery  Brown Road near Silver Run - Progress Road. 304328N, 0892006W
Hester Hickman Cemetery In Wiggins on Wallace Cobb Road. 304905N, 0890854W
Hickman Cemetery #2 End of Hickman - Bond Cem Road off Hwy 15. 304911N, 0885827W
Hickman Cemetery #3 Perkinston/Silver Run Road w. of Steven Hickman Road. 304425N, 0891224W
Ladner Cemetery  Riceville Road at L. Ladner Road. 304012N, 0891918W
Landmark Cemetery  In Wiggins at end of Fay Walters St. 305138N, 0890709W
Elias Lee Cemetery J. B. Brown Road. 304751N, 0891943W
Lee Cemetery #2 Hwy 26 W and Will Lee Road. 305133N, 0892005W
Lott Cemetery  End of Bond Lott Cem  Road off John Wills Road. 304942N, 0890359W
Lott Smith Cemetery Project Road at Stump Texas Road. 305417N, 0891554W
Marantha Cemetery On Howard Parker Road just S. of Old MS-26. 304900N, 0891429W
Miles Cemetery  End of Miles Cemetery Drive near Perry Co. 305346N, 0885813W
Moore Cemetery  Rosalee Road near Hwy 26. 305132N, 0885844W
Mount Avery Cemetery  Cecil Daniels Road near Perkinston. 304711N, 0890909W
New Zion Cemetery 305159N, 0891050W
Oak Lawn Cemetery  End of Pine Ave off McHenry Ave. 304255N, 0890838W
O'Neal Cemetery  Mage Road near George County. 305305N, 0885320W
Thomas Price Cemetery  Thomas Price Cemetery  Road off Old MS 26. 305008N, 0891247W
Pate Seals Cemetery  On L.D. Seal Road off Magnolia Road. 305110N, 0892006W
Perkinston Cemetery 304706N, 0890832W
Shadeville Park Cemetery  Lacy Evans Road. 305219N, 0891237W
Smith Cemetery  Smith Cem  Road off Old Ridge Road N. 304850N, 0891831W
Sumrall Cemetery  Sumrall Cem Road off Wire Road. 304528N, 0890632W
Sweet Beulah Cemetery 304736N, 0891204W
Taylor Cemetery  Taylor Cem  Road off Marshall Taylor Road. 305237N, 0890432W
Thomas Cemetery (see Bounds / Thomas Cemetery)
Walker Cemetery  Walker Cem  Road off Hwy 15 S. 304445N, 0885505W
Welcome Hill Cemetery  In Wiggins on Hwy 26 at Stapp St. 305101N, 0890744W
Whites Cemetery  Big Four Road at Hwy 26. 305101N, 0890217W
Wittington Cemetery  Hunt Road near New Zion Road. 304838N, 0885407W
Woodlawn Park Cemetery  In Wiggins on Hwy 29 at N 5th St. 305146N, 0890750W
Yellow Fever Cemetery  End of Joshua Road off Lake Road. 304315N, 0890911W